Best Internet Speed for Comfortable Online Gambling

Can you imagine our life without the Internet? No doubt, the Internet has become an integral part of everyday people’s life.

The Internet changed the way of how industries work, gambling being among them. All entertainment establishments like casino, sports betting  etc. were transferred to virtual reality. Internet speed for is a huge factor for online gambling, especially when you want to dominate the leaderboard.

New Age, New Change

Due to the booming era of online casinos, the quality of the games and software quickly has been increasing. 3D games, themed slot machines, and progressive jackpots were introduced having made online casinos even more thrilling. Now the quality of playing games largely depends on the quality of the Internet and its speed.

According to some gaming sources, the leader in transfer speed is the continent of North America, where the download speed is 4.2 Mb/s, and the upload speed is 814 Kb/s. Then goes Australia with 3,173 Mb/s and 471 Kb/s, and Europe – 3,099 Mb/s and 750 Kb/s. It is obvious that nowadays only a reliable home Internet provider with a variety of high-speed Internet options envisages a fast and transparent online slot.  

Modern Live Casino

Live casino is one of the newest forms of online casino that has become very popular at lightning speed, only thanks to possibilities of higher Internet speeds. The advantage of this type of this virtual casino is direct distributions from the real dealer of the regular casino to your via computer, tablet or other mobile device thanks to live streaming. “Live” means that you can see exactly what is happening at the place of the game in real time. Any delay in streaming is unacceptable, as it opens up opportunities for fraud and misunderstanding between clients and dealers. Live casinos must transmit the picture instantly, in high quality. That is why a steady internet connection speed of 25 megabits per second or higher is needed here.

Digital or Live?

For sure, many players will like this exciting innovation in online gambling choosing an option to play with a live dealer. Due to modern technologies the most hot-tempered players may feel a genuine casino atmosphere that they miss while playing in web.

So what is the difference between the digital version and the live version?

  • Emotions. The most obvious difference is the player’s feelings. Many online casino players complain that, for example, the digital roulette wheel simply does not match the roulette wheel in the real world. For these people it is important to use a real wheel, and here a live casino comes to the rescue.
  • Expenses. Another obvious difference is the cost. Digital game online  will cost you nothing, since it’s just software that interacts with a person. On the other hand, a live casino needs constant staff, specialized equipment and a very reliable software server. It goes without saying that a live casino is a very expensive endeavor  that requires high operation costs. Given that the popularity of live casinos is growing, Internet providers offer special high-speed packages for home Internet.

So, care about you home Internet and enjoy your online casino games.


  • James McPearce says:

    I often play casino slots on the tablet Internet speed plays a big role and I do not always have enough 3G

  • Patrick Simons says:

    I play poker on an iphone speed is always missing, or maybe I just did not close the lack of speed

  • Audrey Scott says:

    Several times I tried to withdraw funds from webmoney but there is a large commission, I no longer use it

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